Montag, 21. Dezember 2015

Local news report

Two local news reports (in German) on our Erasmus+ project and our meeting in Finland:

Source: Barth, Wiebke (2015): "Eiskalt gegen Mobbing an Schulen", in: Hildesheimer Allgemeine Zeitung, 22nd Dec. 2015, Hildesheim, p. 21.

Source: Barth, Wiebke (2015): "Goethegymnasium: Europaweiter Kampf gegen Mobbing", in: Huckup. Das Wochenblatt der Region Hildesheim, 23rd Dec. 2015, Hildesheim, p. 1.

Donnerstag, 17. Dezember 2015

Our first product: Calendar of 2016

This is our first product, a calendar of 2016:

Here you can find a special Goethegymnasium version:

Mittwoch, 9. Dezember 2015

Our workshops in Finland: "School break activator" and "VERSO"

This is a video of our first workshop, "School break activator":

This presentation is about the "VERSO" mediation concept, our students and teachers learned about. Please click the image for the presentation: 

Dienstag, 8. Dezember 2015

Our first transnational project meeting in Finland

Our first  transnational project meeting took place in Finland from 29th November to 4th December 2015. Students and teachers participated in different workshops, seminars and activities to deal with our first subtopics “low self-esteem” and “sports to stop violence”. We gained new skills concerning "mediation" and "break time activities". Our Finish hosts were very kind and we all had a great time in Lempäälä!

Please click the following animation to view our photos: